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Ultra Premium Quality Dog Food

Chicken Monoproteinic Recipe uses fresh chicken meat as the
only source of protein. It is an ideal food for a diet of exclusion,
thus facilitating the detection of possible food intolerances or
allergens. This hypoallergenic recipe is suitable adult dogs of
all sizes or breeds. Recommended for dogs with adverse food
reactions to any other type of animal protein.

Chicken: Chicken meat is a very
digestible white meat, low in fat
but high in protein. It is a meat rich
in vitamin A and B2 that helps to
maintain your dog‘s good vision while
improving the elasticity of its skin.

Chicken (98%), vegetable oil and fat.

Crude Protein 9,0%
Crude Fibre 0,5%
Crude Oils and Fat 6,5%
Crude ashes 3,0%
Moisture 80,0%


Metabolizable energy: 944,05 kcal / kg

Available in cans of 400 gr and 170 gr

*Orientative food guide

No preservatives, flavors or artificial colors.